The Island of Freedom

Known as the Island of Freedom or the Burning Man of Europe, we joined 400,000 people from around the globe to indulge in some of the world’s best music, art and food at Sziget festival in Budapest. A heatwave had encompassed the city by the time we arrived with the daily highs averaging between 38 – 40 degrees celsius. Words cannot describe the heat and dust that was blanketed the crowd of thousands yet no amount of sweat was going to dampen our spirits. From Limp Bizkit to Kings of Leon to Major Lazer, we were lucky enough to experience one of the best festivals in the world.

In an attempt to see the city beyond the festival, we spent a day sightseeing on the Hop on Hop off bus and took a cruise on the Danube river at night. The Parliament building at night and the Palace by day were my two favourites.

An emerging dining scene was present in central Budapest with numerous fusion, ethnic and bistro eateries found around every corner. Kiosk ( down on the waterfront was my favourite with delicious food, ambience and the most impeccable bathrooms.

Terminal ( situated under the Budapest Eye was another beautiful dining experience where we tried the slow-cooked pork ribs and the pulled pork and slaw sandwich. The misting fans outside were a must-have in the 38 degree heat and again, the bathrooms – impeccable.

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