Wunderkammer: Grow your own

I have been collecting a wunderkammer of sorts, capturing all of the little touches I stumble across daily. Some of the collectables I capture I find inspiring, others interesting and some are just simple yet wonderful ideas. When visiting Wahaca (www.wahaca.co.uk) in London I stumbled across one of the aforementioned simple yet wonderful ideas. Known for it’s delicious Mexican market-style eating and vibrant interior, the menu and atmosphere could not be faulted. Yet, what I liked even more than my tacos came after the meal. When delivered your cheque, it is accompanied by what at a first glance appears to be matches but when taking a closer look it is actually serrano chilli seeds for you to take away and plant at home. Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo pre-planting of the seeds but I’m sure you get the idea from the photo below.



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