An extended stay in Lisbon

The first thing you notice when arriving in Lisbon are the colourful streets; many buildings are painted in bright simple colours while others are adorned in bright tiles full of detail. Staying in the Alfama district, we were surrounded by winding cobble roads and little restaurants, so much so we could hear the famous Fado from our living area.
20150709_122722We met two friends in Lisbon for the Nos Alive music festival but after our first evening exploring the streets we knew we’d have to adjust our itinerary to really take in the city. Nos Alive was a music festival true to the portugese spirit, relaxed yet vibrant, and we found ourselves sipping rose, snacking on Pao and watching the sun go down whilst listening to live world class music acts.

The rest of our time in Lisbon was spent at the Sunset Destination hostel, a truly unique and wonderful hostel on top of the Cais do Sodre train station. Situated right next to the river, a block away from the famous Pink Street nightlife area and a short walk from Bairro Alto. Not only were we right in the heart of where we wanted to be, the hostel had a rooftop terrace with a bar, pool, masseuse, hammocks and vegetable garden that the guests were encouraged to help themselves to.


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